Waterbom Bali Increases The Thrills

Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali will soon open four new slides at their already action packed Bali water park.

The Python, Constrictor and the two Green Vipers, will each offer their own unique adrenalin rush.

The ‘PYTHON’ is built to be enjoyed with friends.  A three person slide, ridden in a circular tube, with everyone facing each other for all the unexpected twists and turns, this ride is suitable for friends and family. The slides largest point measures 6 metres in diameter before swaying it’s sliders into the splash pool.

The ‘CONSTRICTOR’ will be the longest ride in Waterbom Bali’s history; a journey through the jungle for almost a QUARTER OF A KILOMETER (230 metres long).

All slides have been custom made to Waterbom’s landscape, so there are no identical slides like these at any other water park in the world.

All of Waterbom Bali’s slides will be active and functioning from May through to November, before phase two of the parks mass development commences at the end of November. Phase two promises a playground for thrill seekers and adrenalin junkies, with even more speed and more fun.

Waterbom Bali is open daily, 9am – 6pm.

Contact Bali Res Centre to organise your Waterbom Bali experience.