Nyepi (Day of Silence, Balinese New Year)


Nyepi – 31 March 2014 ( Day of Silence, Balinese New Year)

The saka calendar has a major festival called Nyepi, or the final day of the saka year. It falls on the day after the new moon on the ninth month. Nyepi is a celebrated holiday and the Balinese New Year called icaka New Year. It is a day of total silence throughout the island. Nyepi really is a celebration observed with total silence!

On Nyepi day, there is totally no activity – no traffic at all on the roads, no amusement is held the whole day long. No fires also may be lit in observance of the Nyepi and great purification and sacrificial rites are held on the day prior to Nyepi in order to exorcise evil spirits from every corner of Bali

At Nyepi in Bali, it is best to simply go with the flow, enjoy a little introspection yourself and if you are staying in one of the hectic tourist resorts such as Kuta, savour the once-a-year novelty of utter peace and quiet. Nyepi is a unique experience and there is no other day like it anywhere else in the world.