Nyepi Bali


A reminder about Nyepi, Day of Silence and celebration of the Balinese New Year for anyone visiting the island during 31st March  – 1st April.

Bali airport will be closed for one day. During this 24 hour duration flights in and out of Bali are cancelled or rescheduled. There will be no travel to or around Bali on Nyepi day. It is prohibited to travel within Bali at all during this time, with the only exception being made to medical emergency vehicles.

If you are already staying in Bali on the Day of Silence, enjoy the relaxing time. Nyepi is definitely something different and original and you cannot experience it anywhere else in the world!
For Balinese Hindu’s it is a time of silence and meditation. It is a day of self-control and introspection in order to achieve spiritual purification, Hindu’s will follow the practice of yoga semedi and catur berata penyepian or the four abstinences. These are: amati geni (refraining from lighting fires and using lights), amati karya (refraining from working), amati lelanguan (refraining from indulging in leisure activities) and amati lelungan (refraining from traveling outside the house).

Radio and television broadcasts will be suspended over this period. It is important to respect this important Hindu day and ensure noise and lighting is kept to a minimum. If you are staying within a hotel or resort you must stay inside the property. Likewise if staying within a private villa. There is to be no movement outside of the property from 6am on the 31st until after 6am on the 1st March.

For most tourists, Nyepi can be an inconvenience but it can also be an amazing experience. So make sure you stock up on food and drinks, buy some DVD’s or a good book and kick back, relax and take the opportunity to enjoy a guilt free day of peace, quiet, rest and relaxation.

Happy Hari Raya Nyepi 2014 in Bali!

How will you enjoy the Day of Silence?