Giving back to the Island of the Gods

RajalayaMany visitors to Bali wish to give back to the island that has been so hospitable and welcoming to them during their visit. We are often asked where people can volunteer or donate when they are visiting Bali.

There is a broad range of charities and organisations in Bali all doing wonderful work to support the underprivileged.

Below we have listed a small sample of reputable organisations that would value your support. Please check the organisations website before you leave your home country and respect their wishes regarding visits and donations.

Check if they welcome visitors and if so, check when you are welcome to visit and if you must notify them of your intended visit beforehand. Bali Kids for example offers limited afternoon visiting hours due to the children attending school and other activities.

Many organisations will post a wish list and highlight items that are required urgently or not available in Bali. Once again, it is important to research and find out what they need to ensure you are helping and not hindering.

Please do your research and respect their wishes so they can continue with the great work they do.


Hope Orphanage

Bali Volunteer House

Sidhi Astu at Tuka

Maria Goretti at Palasari

Salam Orphanage in Tabanan

Jody O’Shea in Denpasar

There have been reports of scammers posing as orphanages, and the children not receiving donations. If you are concerned about this, then the best way to help other orphanages is by donation in cash and kind to transparent and ethical organisations like Bali Kids, the John Fawcett Foundation, Bumi Sehat and High 5 These organisations never give money to the facilities but provide services directly to the children.

In addition to orphanages there are organisations working to support the disabled, animals and environmental sustainability of Bali, all of whom would value your support.

‘SOLEMEN’ is a Bali based Indonesian registered non-profit foundation working alongside accredited agencies and projects to alleviate suffering and support the disadvantaged in Bali.  Sole Men provides health and safety education as well as teaching how to respect and protect the environment.

Sole Men are a very small team with no administrative costs, all monies donated are used to help the needy and disadvantaged in Bali.

Sole Men’s ‘OUTREACH’ crew searches out and are able to react immediately to assess and action the alleviation of individual cases of suffering.  This often means driving immediately to the person or people who needs help and taking them for assistance and, where appropriate, therapy and/or medical treatment.

And don’t forget the animals of Bali!

Villa Kitty is a rescue and adoption centre for Bali’s abandoned cats and kittens. Villa Kitty Bali began as the “Cats and Kittens Section” in another shelter in Lodtunduh. They are located in Ubud and visitors are most welcome to come and spend time with the cats and kittens waiting to be adopted from Villa Kitty.  Bali Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre – BARC, operate a charity shop in Ubud and among the many ways you can assist is to bring over a suitcase full of items suitable for donation to the charity shop. Any saleable goods are welcome. They also provide letters which you can take to your local vet to request donations of specifically needed veterinary supplies.

Bali Street Dogs

Your support to Bali’s wonderful organisations doesn’t need to stop once you depart the island. Bali Animal Welfare Association offer a Supporters Fundraising Kit which provides information to assist you to fundraise once you return home.

ROLE Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organisation working to improve the education, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in underprivileged circumstances, whilst ensuring environmental resilience and sustainability.

This is by no way a complete list of all the wonderful organisations working to support the less fortunate and sustainability of our beautiful island. However, we hope the above information proves assistance in helping you decide where leave your footprint on Bali.

Please feel free to add to the comments any additional organisations you may be aware of that would welcome assistance.