Bali Kite Festival


The skies of Sanur Beach will be decorated with numerous colorful Balinese traditional kites when the 36th Annual Bali Kite Festival takes place this weekend from 18th to 20th July.

These are not your normal run of the mill kite. The festival will feature huge kites measuring up to 10 metres in length. The kites will feature unique traditional shapes and designs such as the Bebean (fish), Janggan (birds) and Pecukan (leaves) with the the Janggans having tails that can reach to 100 metres.

The kites are built at the communal ‘banjar’ village halls all over Bali, where youths and elders construct the bamboo frames for weeks leading up to the major event. With the kites being so large they require transport to the festival by truck with numerous men ensuring the kite doesn’t fly out the back on the way to the festival. This in itself is a sight to behold!

As with most celebrations in Bali the Kite Festival carries spiritual meaning as the kites flown up in the sky are also regarded as means to deliver prayers to the gods in the hope of an abundant harvest. There is also a competitive element to the festival with teams from local villages battling it out in competitions for ‘best launch’, ‘best design’ and the ‘longest flight’.

There is live music in the form of a Gamelan orchestra throughout the festival and it really is a great opportunity to experience a different side to Bali that will be enjoyed by all the family.