Bali Travel Facts


Indonesian departure tax is included in your airline ticket price.


The duty free alcohol allowance into Bali is 1 litre of alcohol per Adult. Further alcohol outside of this allowance may be confiscated by Customs.


The unit of currency is the rupiah. Many ATM’s are available throughout the island. Credit cards are widely accepted in the bigger hotels and shops. Money changers are all over Bali but be aware, it is better to use a larger bank or authorised money changer, even if they are not offering the highest exchange rate. Some money changers have amazing ways of ripping off tourists. Ensure you count your money and have been given the right change. Due to the high denominations of the rupiah the currency can be very confusing.


The national language in Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia, however, English is widely understood, especially in hotels and tourist areas.


The average climate in Bali is between 28 and 30 degrees throughout the year. Between November and March, the ‘wet season’ you can expect tropical showers alternating with clear skies and sunshine. Bali’s climate can be very humid all year round, for this reason it is important to ensure you wear sunscreen, a hat and drink plenty of water.


Electric power in Bali is 220 volts. Not all hotels provide adaptors so it is advisable to bring your own with a two-prong plug.


Nyepi Day is a ‘Day of Silence’ in Bali during which, by law, tourists are required to stay within hotel grounds. This day generally falls in the month of March or April, and many festivals are held before and after this very special day. Nyepi Day in 2024 will fall on the 11th March.


If you intend to hire a car or bike in Bali, ensure you arrange an International drivers license prior to departure from your home country. Always carry your insurance and registration papers with you for the hired car or bike, along with your International drivers license and license from your home country.
If riding a motor bike ensure both driver and passengers are ALWAYS wearing a helmet. Failing to do so will result in an on the spot fine.


Do not under any circumstances drink the tap water. Bottled water is very cheap and should be the only water used for drinking. Ice in drinks is safe.

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